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Project Setup

The project is developed in Eclipse, using the CDT C++ tooling.

It requires you to build a slightly modified version of the PlaneShift client for yourself. The basic instructions for building the client can be found here (use the static configuration). However, as this is Eclipse based, the setup is slightly different in order to integrate all the projects together.

  1. Download Cal3d
    1. In Eclipse, import a project from subversion and setup the Cal3d repository from the PlaneShift compiling guide. Make sure that you specify revision 507.
    2. When asked, choose to create a new project (this should be the default selected option).
      1. Choose C++ project.
      2. Then choose Static Library -> Empty Project, call it cal3d and press Next.
      3. Uncheck the Debug build configuration and the press Advanced Settings...
      4. As we don't actually want Eclipse to build everything for us (at least initially), we need to disable the automated build and makefile generation.
        1. On the Builder Settings tab deselect the Use default build command, Expand Env. Variable Refs in Makefiles and Generate Makefiles automatically options.
        2. On the Behaviour tab deselect the Build and Clean options and press Ok.
      5. Press Finish.
    3. In a terminal build Cal3d as per the instructions in the compiling guide.
    4. Open the cal3d project settings and add the include directory as a workspace path to the Paths and Symbols section, then add the src directory as a source location and finally remove the default cal3d location from the source locations.
  2. Download Crystal Space
    1. Follow the same steps as for Cal3d, but call the Project CrystalSpace.
    2. Once again build the project following the instructions in the compiling guide.
      1. I usually run the walktest (./walktest) to verify that Crystal Space has been compiled correctly. If this does not run then examine the output from the configure command and install any unmet dependencies.
    3. As before add the cal3d/include directory to the project includes as well as the CrystalSpace/include directory. This time set the libs directory as a source location and remove the default source location for CrystalSpace.
  3. Download PlaneShift
    1. .. TBD - trying to set this up as a Mercurial repository on bitlocker.
  4. Download PSAI Components
  5. Modify Planeshift code to use PSAI components
    1. Update jam files
    2. Modify sources to use message redirector
    3. ...